Saturday, April 4, 2009

Amy Winehouse knows a thing or two

The internet is ablaze with the news that singer Amy Winehouse jetted back into St Lucia on Thursday with a view to buying property here. The star has spent several holidays on the island in the past and is known to have fallen in love with St Lucia.

Apart from purchasing property, Ms Winehouse is also slated to perform at the annual St Lucia Jazz Festival which is being held in May of this year. She joins a growing number of celebrities who have discovered that St Lucia is not only a great place to escape to, but that in terms of investment, owning property here makes a whole lot of sense.

Incidentally, just to show how wrong news reports can be, we did sell Shingle Cove (the property referred to in the article below),
but we did not sell it to Amy! Click here to view our listing

The following article is reprinted from The Daily Star:


21st May 2009
// by: By Tom Hutchison

Amy Winehouse loves St Lucia so much she is eyeing up a £3.2million permanent home there. The pop wreck has her heart set on the 2.5-acre exotic tropical estate called Shingle Cove.

The luxury holiday hotspot boasts six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a massive swimming pool and private security guards.

Amy, 25, has spent the last few months stopping on the Caribbean isle. The oceanside resort is set back in secluded forests and has a superb view of all the millionaires’ yachts sailing to and from the island.

It even has a team of staff on hand at all hours to meet guests’ every whim.

Rehab star Amy is currently renting a similar resort while she perfects her comeback stage show and records new material. She said: “I’m in the best place I’ve been for ages.

“I’m getting lots of exercise and have been able to relax.”

And her recent poor performance at the St Lucia Jazz Festival certainly has not put her off the island.